Welcome to the Red Brigade Trust!!

Red Brigade (RB), formed by a group of Survivors of Sexual Violence, aims to end gender-discrimination and make a safer world for women. RB fights for Gender Equality and Safety of Women. We are also working towards empowering women. RB is trying to ensure women’s protection from sexual violence and harassment in public spaces and homes through safety trainings and self-defense workshops.

RB works as pressure group to make and implement women-related policies. The team also helps and assists victims of sexual violence. We assist victims with their medical examination, FIR registration, and other necessary legal assistances.

Our different activities comprise of

  •    Awareness Campaigns regarding Violence against Women
  •    Workshops related to self-defense (Mission One Million), gender discrimination, and Good-Touch-Bad-Touch
  •    Provide legal assistance to rape and other survivors including acid attack victims
  •    Educate survivors and other under-privileged girls
  •    Awareness program and workshops with survivors